#0289 LOTD


✯✯✯ WEARING ✯✯✯
DOUX – Santana available in mainstore!
AG. Bliss Eyes Pack available in mainstore!
Rin – Lavie Eyebrows tintable available in mainstore!
:ANDORE: – :Mesh Ears: – The Snow Queen @ Enchantment
-Sorumin- Snow queen DRESS -FATPACK @ Enchantment

✯✯✯ SCENE ✯✯✯
{anc} powder snow @ Tannenbaum
[Kres] Winter Wallhanging @ Tannenbaum

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#0288 LOTD


✯✯✯ WEARING ✯✯✯
#1 DOUX – Summer Day Hairstyle [RARE] available in mainstore!
CAZIMI: 2019 October VIP Nail Appliers available in mainstore!
Decoy – Valia Crop Top: Fatpack @ Collabor88
RIOT / Priya Leggings @ FaMESHed
amias – TRENA necklace available in mainstore!
Slipper – Cera Bento Rings available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ SCENE ✯✯✯
[Bad Unicorn] Lonely Lodge available in mainstore!
[Black Bantam] My Yellow Summer Sunflower Baby RARE available in mainstore!
B-Made Tractor available in mainstore!
GOOSE – Hay wagon ADULT available in mainstore!
GOOSE – Hay floor cover available in mainstore!
GOOSE – Hay bale available in mainstore!
.peaches. Virajas Day Bed – ADULT available in mainstore!
.peaches. Fall Board – Leaning with Pumpkins available in mainstore!
tarte. mini pumpkin basket B available in mainstore!
tarte. mini pumpkin basket – spilled available in mainstore!
HEART – Sunflowers available in mainstore!

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#0287 LOTD


✯✯✯ WEARING (LEFT) ✯✯✯
TRUTH / Euphoria available in mainstore!
Seniha. Debbie FatPack @ Uber
BONDI . The Rockstar Sunglasses . Fatpack available in mainstore!
.: vive nine :. Designer Shopping Bags available in mainstore!
.: vive nine :. MicroTrack 9800X Phone available in mainstore!

DOUX – Nansi available in mainstore!
Stealthic – Bangs  available in mainstore!
MICHAN – Alyssa Lashes [Genus] FATPACK @ ACCESS
AG. Gem Eyes – Fatpack available in mainstore!
Ascendant – Skyfall Nails Fatpack @ ACCESS
Seniha. Debbie Socks @ Uber
.::Supernatural::. Jinmi Necklace Fatpack available in mainstore!
Slipper – Cera Bento Rings available in mainstore!
FOXCITY. Prop – R Hand – Shopping Bags available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ SCENE ✯✯✯
[ VERSOV ] RODEO DRIVE FULLSCENE available in mainstore!
[Bad Unicorn] Painters Scafolding available in mainstore!
[Bad Unicorn] Paint Cans available in mainstore!
[Bad Unicorn] Paint Brush available in mainstore!
[Bad Unicorn] Paint Roller available in mainstore!
[Bad Unicorn] Painters Rug available in mainstore!
[Rezz Room] Pomeranian Animesh (Holdable) @ Equal10

✯✯✯ POSES ✯✯✯
FOXCITY. Boss Babe-5m (left) @ Collabor88
FOXCITY. Boss Babe-1m (right) @ Collabor88

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#0286 LOTD


✯✯✯ WEARING ✯✯✯
DOUX – Lala available in mainstore!
DOUX – Brianna Bangs available in mainstore!
THIS IS WRONG Exit tattoo available in mainstore!
Ascendant – Make Me Melt Nails Fatpack available in mainstore!
[LeLuck] Deep Smokey Eyeshadow available in mainstore!
VINYL – Sadystika Straps Pak Fatpak available in mainstore!
GAS [Band-Aid Pasties] available in mainstore!
[Enchante’] – Earla Shoes – FATPACK @ EQUAL10
**RE** ReVoX Rider Sports Watch @ Men’s Only Monthly

✯✯✯ SCENE ✯✯✯
uK – Ultranatural Magic Bed RARE @ 6 republic
uK – Ultranatural Motel Stand Full @ 6 republic
uK – Ultranatural Casa Vanity @ 6 republic
uK – Ultranatural Circle of Protection @ 6 republic
uK – Ultranatural Inspector Clutter @ 6 republic
Violetility – Rotundus Bondage Frame @ ROMP!
BackBone Mandrake Plant available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ POSE ✯✯✯
FOXCITY. Thoughts-4 available in mainstore!

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#0284 LOTD


✯✯✯ WEARING (Left) ✯✯✯
Foxy  – Nola @ Kustom9
VINYL – Not 10am Tee Dres @ Kustom9
Kibitz – Jasmine’s necklace @ n21!
Kibitz – Rona’s bracelet @ Anthem
e.marie // Gabi Gummy Bracelet available in mainstore!
e.marie // Hoop Earrings available in mainstore!
MarmeladnyGirl Love is lif – Bento rings available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ WEARING (Right) ✯✯✯
DOUX – Brianna available in mainstore!
MICHAN – Alyssa Lashes [Genus] FATPACK @ ACCESS
MICHAN – Rosa Blush available in mainstore!
:ANDORE: – :Mesh Ears: – Nancy available in mainstore!
[RHUDE] Celestial Rings 10K available in mainstore!
Ascendant – Skyfall Nails Fatpack @ ACCESS

✯✯✯ SCENE ✯✯✯
The Bearded Guy – Lights Up – Say What? @ Shiny Shabby

✯✯✯ POSE ✯✯✯
[..::CuCa Designs::..] F4L Bento Friends Pose @ Flourish

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#0283 LOTD


✯✯✯ WEARING ✯✯✯
DOUX – Kata available in mainstore!
amara beauty – Grace CATWA available in mainstore!
AG. Essential Eyes – Group Gift available in mainstore!
Ascendant – Skyfall Nails Fatpack @ ACCESS
Bumblebee – Cecilia Outfit – MEGAPACK available in mainstore!
Avada~ Eldora Rings available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ SCENE ✯✯✯
[Bad Unicorn] ‘Paolos Pizza’ Canteen Containers @ Anthem
[Kres] Dance Sign available in mainstore!
MudHoney Laverne Chair – Fatpack available in mainstore!
MudHoney Laverne Table – Fatpack available in mainstore!
.peaches. Eryx Laptop Clutter available in mainstore!
Urban Jungle Metal bollard available in mainstore!
Granola. Maple Kitchen Rack available in mainstore!
Granola. Maple Potted Pumpkin. White. available in mainstore!
Granola. Maple Potted Pumpkin. Orange. available in mainstore!
Granola. Maple Vintage Metal Cart available in mainstore!
Junk Food – Soda Machine available in mainstore!
Junk Food – Big Glup available in mainstore!
[Black Bantam] Standing Pomeranian Puff ALL RARE available in mainstore!
..::THOR::.. PizzaLounge Stack Of Pizza Boxes available in mainstore!
..::THOR::.. PizzaLounge Boxed Pizza – Close available in mainstore!
..::THOR::.. PizzaLounge Boxed Pizza – Entire available in mainstore!
..::THOR::.. PizzaLounge Folded Pizza Menu available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ POSES ✯✯✯
FOXCITY. Boss Babe-3 (standing) @ Collabor88
FOXCITY. – Tomorrow-7m (sitting) available in mainstore!

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#0282 LOTD


✯✯✯ WEARING ✯✯✯
Magika – Autumn available in mainstore!
AG. Enlightened Eyes – Reef wasBelle Events
[theSkinnery] Clara (Catwa) available in mainstore!
[theSkinnery] Legacy Body Applier available in mainstore!
[ATI] Riley Tattoo @ Yung Icon Event
Spoiled – Holly Gaming Headset @ Equal10
Spoiled – Naughty Gamer Bodysuit @ Equal10
Spoiled – Naughy Gamer Cover Up @ Equal10
Spoiled – Naughty Gamer Shorts  @ Equal10
Spoiled – Naughty Gamer Toy Leg Wrap @ Equal10
Spoiled – Lazy Socks  @ Equal10
.::Supernatural::. Linna Set Fatpack available in mainstore!
Avada~ Eldora Rings available in mainstore!
Ascendant – Mermaid Life Nails Fatpack available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ SCENE ✯✯✯
BackBone Streamer’s Desk – Pink / Black @ Equal10
BackBone Streamer’s Chair – Adult @ Equal10
BackBone Funny Bone #1 – Naughty Streamer   @ Equal10
[Kres] Geolectric – 8 available in mainstore!
[Kres] Geolectric – 13  available in mainstore!
.peaches. Simply Fabulous – Clutter Set – Dryer available in mainstore!
.peaches. Simply Fabulous – Clutter Set – Brush and Hair Ties available in mainstore!
.peaches. Simply Fabulous – Clutter Set – Flat Iron available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ POSE ✯✯✯
Focus Poses. Back To School Vol.2/ pose 6 (main picture) available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ Blog / Credits ✯✯✯

I had just way too much fun with this awesome outfit from Spoiled and desk from BackBone as you can see! I could not just pick one picture so wanted to share some more with you! Also I wanted to show the great details, colors and such without too much post editing so you know what you are getting when you purchase these awesome items.


#0281 LOTD


✯✯✯ WEARING ✯✯✯
amara beauty – Sonya GENUS applier available in mainstore!
Stealthic – Avela available in mainstore!
AG. Enlightened Eyes – Reef @ Belle Events
MICHAN – Alyssa Lashes [Genus] FATPACK @ ACCESS
MICHAN – Rosa Blush available in mainstore!
SCANDALIZE. Aralda. FATPACK available in mainstore!
.::Supernatural::. Onyx Set Fatpack @ Level 
NANIKA – Essy Bracelet Fatpack @ TRES CHIC
**RE** ReVoX Rider Sports Watch @ Men’s Only Monthly
[RHUDE] Celestial Rings 10K available in mainstore!
Ascendant – Skyfall Nails Fatpack @ ACCESS

✯✯✯ SCENE ✯✯✯
.peaches. Scia Entryway – Seat  @ FaMESHed
.peaches. Scia Entryway – Plant @ FaMESHed
.peaches. Scia Entryway – Rug @ FaMESHed
.peaches. Scia Entryway – Welcome Sign @ FaMESHed
.peaches. Scia Entryway – Hooks @ FaMESHed
.peaches. Scia Entryway – Light (Bronze) @ FaMESHed
Junk Food – Kit Kut Bar available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ POSES ✯✯✯
FOXCITY. Boss Babe-5 (full) @ Collabor88
FOXCITY. Boss Babe-2 (close-up) @ Collabor88

✯✯✯ Blog / Credits ✯✯✯

#0280 LOTD


✯✯✯ WEARING ✯✯✯
Sintiklia – Hair Fiona @ FaMESHed
.: Vegas :. Tattoo Applier Skull Deck @ THE DARKNESS
Ascendant – Make Me Melt Nails Fatpack available in mainstore!
-Sorumin- Lazy hoodie SET -FATPACK-  available in mainstore!
[Enchante’] – Reverie Boots – FATPACK available in mainstore!
[Black Bantam] Shrunken Witch Hand Necklace available in mainstore!
Avada~ Eldora Rings available in mainstore!

✯✯✯ SCENE ✯✯✯
The Bearded Guy – Hisenberg – Nesflis & Chill @ 6 republic

✯✯✯ POSES ✯✯✯
HERA – Meet Me At The Hotel Bento Pose 2 (full) available in mainstore!
HERA – Meet Me At The Hotel Bento Pose 3 (close-up) available in mainstore!

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